Essay about Love: Love and Intense Feeling

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Crazy In Love In class we have discussed the topic of many different types of love, or the effects of love. In an article written by Tara Parker-Pope of the Wall Street Journal, Pope discusses the possibility of “love” running out in a long-term relationship. She also says, “Recent studies of brain scans show that being in love causes changes in the brain that are strikingly similar to serious health problems like drug addiction and obsessive-compulsive disorder.” This is interesting because in class discussions, we have come to the conclusion that love is a feeling and emotion, which generally has a positive connotation but is different for everyone. As far as love running out in a long-term relationship, we discussed Eros and having a sense of desire when it comes to a relationship. These are two different views on the same topic, both of which make a good case.
The article by Pope discusses a scientific study done where they took “15 subjects who were deeply in love but were nursing broken hearts.” When they showed them pictures of someone they knew but were unattached to, there was no effect on their brain. When pictures of the one they loved were shared, the “picture triggered the dopamine system in the brain.” This goes to show that love is actually a real thing. Therefore, I believe that Pope’s scientific approach to love, and Eros, are very similar. Eros is described as having a deep, passionate, and intense feeling towards someone. With the tested