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Renewable Energy

Renewable energy comes in many forms but you need to consider the following: • Biomass • Solar power • Wind energy • Wave energy • Tidal energy

The Video that you have watched (Renewable Energy – Clip View) has given you an introduction. The basics about each are in your textbook and below but you are going to study one in detail. Your work for this week will comprise of:

In your Appendix booklet, you have a great many resources on renewable energy but you will need to extract the following information from it:

For each of Biomass, Solar Power, Wind Power, Wave Energy and Tidal energy, draw up a summary sheet showing:

1. The potential for using the energy – how much can be produced? 2. The advantages of that type of energy 3. The disadvantages of that type of energy.

The summary sheets and a summary of the situation regarding renewables in the UK follows. The following Web resources may also be of use, although this is not a definitive list and there will be many more out there.

In Shared Documents, Geography, AS, Energy, JAH sets, there are the following articles that may be of use for tidal and wind power:

• The Severn Barrage Q &A • The Severn Barrage Electricity Generation • Spanish Wind Power Renewables UK Wind Energy – Geog Review.


Solar Power
Wind Energy

Wave energy

Tidal Energy

UK Renewable Energy Options: A Very Brief Summary

Wind Energy: On shore turbines could produce 20% of UK electricity. If you include off shore turbines it could be up to 50%. Government target is 25% of our electricity from wind by 2025.
Wave Energy: Deep sea systems could produce upto 20% or more of UK Electricity.
Tidal energy: At 8000 megawatts, the Severn Barrage alone would supply 6% of UK electricity. Possible total tidal potential could be as high as 20%. Tidal streams might supply another 19%.
Government targets are 12.5% from wave and tidal power by 2025.
Government target is to raise Solar energy to 6% of UK total electricity supply
Geothermal could supply up to 10% of our electricity.
Biomass – the government recognises that biomass forms and important part of our energy strategy.

Remember – these are MAXIMUM figures. The potential is…