Loyalty In The Marine Corps

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Pvt Szymanoski
Loyalty can be looked at in many different ways, but one of the most important could be that of the way it relates to leadership. One of the biggest building blocks of being a good leader is loyalty and with loyalty comes trust. If the marines following their leader don’t trust him to make the proper decisions at the proper time then how can they be expected to remain loyal to that leader? This is a question each marine that is put into a leadership role must ask him or herself, with loyalty comes the pressure of not allowing bad things to befall your marines. Whether this means going to bat for a marine that may or may not have made a mistake and you are willing to put your own name on the line for that marine while
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As stated earlier loyalty boils down to being one of the most important leadership traits if not the absolute most important out of them all. Loyalty is so important because there are so many unseen aspects that go along with it, with loyalty comes trust and trust is probably the most single important thing when talking about the Marine Corps and completing a mission because when lives are on the line which they often are when talking about the Marine Corps trust and loyalty make up the biggest portion of being a leader. A marine must always remain loyal and trust the processes that has been put in places so that way when that marine is put into a leadership role that marine can continue to do what is needed to be done to gain the trust and the loyalty of the marines below and above him or her within the rank structure and mission objectives won’t be compromised because of lack of these two important traits of trust and loyalty. Loyalty may not be the first of the leadership traits and it may not be the most glamorous but it is definitely one of the most important and all marines should strive to make the loyalty of the marines below and above them a main priority when placed in a leadership