Lsi Life Styles Inventory Paper

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GM 591 Yvonne Hobbs
LSI Paper
The life styles inventory is a survey of questions that help us to gain an insight into our own personality and what type of behaviors we exert to others as individuals. It helps us to look at the positive and negative qualities of our personalities and ways to improve upon them. A look at my LSI styles complex radiates that my primary thinking style is linked to the avoidance category. The avoidance scale states that I tend to use the strategy of withdrawal by hiding my feelings and being shy to express myself. It also states that as things become more threatening to me the more I tend to avoid those situations. These thinking styles are linked to feelings of denying responsibility for my own
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This characteristic works against me on a daily basis because if I am not able to feel comfortable around other people and able to express my feelings then there will be a problem with all my interpersonal relationships as I will not be on the same page with the other person that I am talking to. Also a constant fear of failure will only lead me to degrade my accomplishments and entangle me in this web which I am already in and will have a diminishing effect on my work quality. If I could change one behavior with this style it would be the inability to be comfortable with people around me and the lack of self disclosure which eventually leads to emotional isolation. I need to realize and change this behavior because I do often find myself not on the same page as the people I am working around. This will make a huge difference in my life and although I have already begun to work on accomplishing this task. I am not fully able to make myself comfortable around other people and talking and relating to them on a personal level. My personal styles have a huge impact on my management style because my behavior and characteristics I exert everyday make me the manager that I will become. As stated in the LSI circumplex “Managers scoring higher on this scale are often threatened by the responsibilities of their position and tend to