Lung Cancer Essay

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More than 80% of lung cancer cases are caused by smoking, allowing lung cancer to be the most common form of cancer.
Cigarette smoke contains chemicals that interfere with the body’s ability of filtering air and cleaning out the lungs
Smoking also causes overproduction of mucus, meaning smokers are more likely to have “smokers cough” (chronic bronchitis)

Destroys normal lung structure
Smoking breaks down the elastic walls of small airways within the lungs, reducing the amount of lung tissue available for the transfer of oxygen from the air to the blood (known as emphysema)
Damage to lung tissue is irreversible and causes permanent scarring to the lining of your lungs



Tar – Sticky and brown
1. Collection of various particles found in the tobacco smoke
2. Contains chemicals, several cancer causing substances (carcinogens)
3. Stains teeth, fingernails and lung tissue

2. Carbon Monoxide
1. Odourless gas
2. Fatal in large doses because it takes the place of oxygen in the blood
3. Causes less oxygen to reach the brain, heart, muscles and other organs

3. Hydrogen Cyanide
1. Lungs contain tiny cells called Cilia that help clean the lungs
2. Hydrogen Cyanide stops the Cilia from working causing the poisonous chemicals in tobacco to build up inside the lungs

4. Free Radicals
1. Highly reactive chemicals that can damage the heart muscles and blood vessels
2. React with cholesterol, building up fatty materials on artery walls
3. Lead to heart disease, stroke and blood vessel diseases

5. Metals
1. Tobacco smoke contains dangerous carcinogenic metals such as arsenic, cadmium, and lead

Reduced lung function and breathlessness
Swelling and narrowing of the lung air ways
Increased risk of lung infection
Raised blood pressure and