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Robert Baker
Mr. Favreau
April 6, 2014


Why Shakespeare’s Macbeth Is The Best Classic Play Shakespeare’s Macbeth is by far the best classic play in existence. His writings pleased masses and he was very much ahead of his own time. Out of many great plays, Macbeth in particular stands out because of Shakespeare’s spectacular use of a supernatural essence to progress the story. Adding to it’s excellence is the writers effective use of pathos throughout the play to truly make it feel like a tragedy. Overall his knowledge of capturing the reader in
Macbeth was far superior to any other plays of Shakespearian time. The use of dramatic irony in Macbeth proves this in a stronger sense because in present day society we still read the play for its complex properties. Shakespeare’s understating of literary devices and his deep level of writing make his work “Macbeth” the finest of it’s kind.


From floating daggers to ghosts of guilt, the supernatural effect that William worked into this story, pushes it up past the other plays because it intrigues the reader or watcher. The witches being the foremost example of this, control the story by changing the proper balance of things and use trickery for amusement. As the trio of witches state from the very beginning of the play “ Fair is foul, and foul is fair Hover through the fog and filthy air.” ( 1,1,12-13 ). Also in the beginning the author provides us with the prophecies to Macbeth and Banquo ( 1,3,50-72 ), in which he uses the witches and their essence to control his actions throughout the play. Even into the end with the Apparitions. Another prime example that is used in the First part of the play when Lady Macbeth asks dark powers to “un-sex” her and use her for deeds that will farther her own person. I feel that all this made the play popular in his era because unknown things were thought to have influenced people and this captivated his audience at the time.




Macbeth is the top play in todays society because of his use of literary devices. This makes sense because now Macbeth has become very educational and is used in high schools all across the globe. Focusing here on Pathos as his strongest and most frequently used device, it completes the story as a true tragedy. Shakespeare manages to make the listener or reader feel bad for a ruthless killer and tyrant of a king. He does this in the beginning by not giving you the details of the murders, and showing more of the guilt and regret that Macbeth feels. One of the most popular examples is when Macbeth states “will all great Neptune’s ocean wash this blood clean from my hand? No, this my hand will rather the multitudinous seas incarnadine.” ( 2,2,78-80 ). In those lines he is feeling immense guilt and William wants you to feel the pity for him. That way when eventually Macbeth reaches his fate, your left torn. Shakespeare perfected this tragedy because of his control