Essay about Macintosh: Graphical User Interface and Macintosh

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Macintosh In 1984, Apple introduced a new and revolutionary computer called the Macintosh. This computer impacted many people and made an immense change in peoples’ lives. The Macintosh was a computer for the common person. It revolutionized personal computing by introducing the graphical user interface (GUI), allowing anyone to use a computer. It was a computer for the common person. “Macintosh, the computer for the rest of us.” The Macintosh was a computer that was perfect for everyone. It included many technological innovations. It was smaller in size and lighter in weight, which made it easier for people to carry around with them in a bag. It wasn’t huge like the IBM PC. Also, it was offered at a great price, $2495, which was a decent and reasonable price for many buyers. Some of the advantages that the Macintosh contained were: essential ease of use, windows, point-click, drop-down menus, icons, a mouse, and much more. It also had high-resolution graphics and a voice sound and speech built in. As Steve Jobs unveiled the Macintosh to the world, it was critical to have the computer speak to the audience so it would capture people’s attention and make an unforgettable first impression on the audience. Additionally. It would show the audience how advanced this product was. Macintosh became successful in a very short time. In just seventy-four days, after the introduction of the Macintosh, 50,000 units were sold throughout the world. It was successful for several reasons.