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Christopher Cornwall
English 2 Lab: Red team
Ms. Miyashiro
May 2, 2013
DNA is something we really don't know what the full power of it could actually do. Today I will explain to you some of the powers that it has and we humans take for granted. DNA is everywhere and people just drop it everywhere and people can take advantage of it and steal are identity. It is a scary thing but people are not really scared unless you do a crime. In the book DNA Analysis: Forensic Fluids & Follicles it is about the time line of DNA and what we can really do that could stop the worst crimes and the innocent people out of the things that they did not do. One of the themes in DNA Analysis: Forensic Fluids & Follicles is that crimes are not a good thing to do because now you can get caught with all these types of DNA experiment's, but these experiments could be done wrong and mess the whole case up and the criminal could get away with what he did, they could also be found in a lot of parts from your body.
DNA was first discovered in 1868. It was founded by a man named Friedrich Miescher, a Swiss physician. DNA is in the blueprint of your body and is in every single part of your body almost. Everybody's DNA is different, except for identical twins, their DNA are identical. In the title there is a word forensic, which means using science and technology to investigate a crime and provide facts in a court of law. DNA is found in your hair, saliva, blood, sweat, urine, skin, fingernails, and also semen. But the thing about the hair is that the root has to be intact or all DNA is lost. In 1985 DNA fingerprinting was founded. But the types of DNA fingerprinting, profiling, and analysis.
The next example is that these experiment can be done wrong. If it was done wrong