Making Commitments Essay

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Making Commitments The action of making a commitment is defined as to Pledge or bind to a certain course or policy. Everyone makes commitments in their lives. It is what we humans do. Since education is the foundation to all success, a high school student’s grade 12 year is going to be one of the most important commitments I will make in life. Grade 12 is year when a high school student begins to receive offers from post-secondaries. Just like how my parents usually tell me, if you get into a good university, you have just stepped one quarter of a foot into a good future.

More teenagers need to start making a commitment to going and finishing college. It is already hard for people to get a job nowadays, but when you do not have a degree it is even harder. More parents need to establish the idea of college in their children at a very young age, so that when they become young adults, college will not be an option. It will be a must. With more parents encouraging and helping their child get through college the more opportunities the child will have in the long run.

In order for someone to get into a good university, one must have great performance in his or her grade 12 year. To begin with, a student has to get extraordinary grades. In order to achieve good grades, one has to make the commitment of working hard; he or she has study well for exams and do every bit of homework. Even if you are 100% committed to all of these, you still might not get the results you