Malcolm X

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Malcolm X was one of the prominent black leaders of the 18th century and still holds a remarkably crucial spot in the history of United States. He was the Key spokesperson of Nation of Islam and founder of the OAAU (organization of African American Unity), Malcolm X was a great teacher, a man of god, and a true non-violent warrior. In this essay I would like to discuss the three main phases of Malcolm’s life and how he was shaped into these phases. Also the contribution of Malcolm X, in eradicating the racial discrimination against the black African Americans. First, the life events of Malcolm little can be noted. Malcolm little can be noted. Malcolm little was the son of Earl little and Louis little, and they both have an important influence on Malcolm little. Malcolm little inherited his father’s braveness and determination, shown in how he reacted to the threats of the Ku Klux Klan. Also Malcolm little inherited from his father the charisma of speaking in public meetings. From his mother’s side Malcolm little inherited his mother’s instinctive feelings to anticipate events, along with her light color hair. It can be justified during the phase of Malcolm little, his dad Earl little used to love Malcolm more than his siblings because of his light color & so this attitude of his father developed the same attitude in Malcolm little to prefer “White” lifestyle. The braking up of the little family by the welfare department played a prominent in shaping up Malcolm little’s life. Malcolm little’s life was also developed in hating and holding grudges against White society, by the behavior of the Swerlins, the teachers in his school especially the English teacher and also the White colleagues at his school. For example it can be presented how the Swerlins used to address Malcolm & other Blacks in front of him, and also the teachers and his colleagues at his school used to make jokes on Blacks. One event embedded a deep scar in young Malcolm’s heart was when his English teacher suppressed Malcolm’s ambition of being a lawyer, saying blacks are much suitable in the carpentry field. This turned Malcolm against the White society. Malcolm little was introduced in the hustling business and drugs for the first time through shorty, and was an important personality in Malcolm little’s life. Through the lifestyle adopted by shorty Malcolm met Sophia, who was a rich white girl flirting with Malcolm. Before Sophia, Malcolm was in a relationship with Laura who was sweet & shy young girl. But Malcolm’s higher status for white women and low modern values in terms of women encourages him to betray Laura and end their relationship. It is discussed how Malcolm is constantly shifting jobs before he actually starts drug pedaling and pimping. All these aspects describe his temperament & fearlessness that get him in trouble. Yet he continued to speak fearlessly against anything that he thought was wrong or unjust. This is a trait, which remains for the rest of his life with him. For example, It can be justified by stating how Malcolm used to rebel against the arrogant White customers causing him his job. Later in Harlem Malcolm meets Sammy, West Indian Archie and other hustlers which detoriate his status, and eventually turn him into a gangster. After getting busted up in a robbery along with Shorty, Malcolm is sentenced to ten years in prisons which lead to the transformation of Malcolm little to Malcolm X. The second part of Malcolm little’s transitioning happens when he’s in jail. Malcolm enters the person as a foul-mouthed, convict hooked on drugs, & totally atheist person. In the prison where the prisoners had limited communication with other prisoners, Malcolm meets Bimbi , an elderly black convict. Bimbi was very learned and wise, and he could speak on any subject because he used to read intensely and grasp a lot of knowledge. Malcolm was approached by Bimbi to gem the nation of Islam. During one of the regular gather