Malcolm X Reflection

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Admittedly, I have never been a black man. Never have I thought, “Man. It sure does suck being a straight, white man.” Therefore, being a Caucasian male of the middle class and living in rural America, I cannot relate; although, I do understand Malcolm X’s actions in this essay. Most people seem to rely on what others think of them. He wanted to eventually slick up and get a conk. He wanted to be a member of the higher class, which is neither awful nor new. No matter where a person is stationed in society, they will always want more than they currently possess. I enjoyed learning about Macolm X’s decisions. In this reading, I found that he wanted to become a greater man. Based off of everything he does, he seems to want more. In the …show more content…
The segregated, unfair education for the black communities was a very difficult issue for the majority of blacks. Reading only the third chapter of his entire autobiography and still being able to be surprised at his writing skills is quite impressive. I’d enjoy reading the rest of Malcolm X’s autobiography to discover what else his life consisted of. This chapter got me interested, and I'm really curious to see what he decides to do next. So far, Malcolm X has me believing that he's going to get a better job. The ending to the book also makes me think that he’s going to be popularized and get a better life in general. Regardless of where I am in society, I’ll still be content with what I already have; although, I'll always want more money, a better car, and a bigger house. Regardless of my situation, though, I will be happy with where I’m at. I will be proud of who I am. This is one disagreement I have with Malcolm X’s actions. He was so anxious to be like the “Hill Negroes” and the whites. He pushed extremely hard for it. I believe that as long as your objective isn't based off of other people’s judgement, then try to reach your goal as best as you can. Malcolm X should've recognized his own outlook, thought about what he specifically wanted, and went after that desire. Nobody should allow others to influence their