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Hasael Aaron Cortez
Mr. Pelle
Essay #1

Charizard, the name I gave my car, a ferocious looking front with a nice looking

rear end with a limited edition wing on its back. I should probably tell you all the body kit

is limited edition not just the wing, but it has that nice looking wing that makes the back

of my car look sexy, the whole limited edition body kit gives my Charizard a ferocious

look with muscle mass added to the car, and the front lip designed to look like fangs. I am

almost sure that what you have in your mind is a good looking sporty car, that reflects me

just the way I am. People describe me as an achieving person who sets goals and achieves

them. And as I learned from a coach I used to have back in the days, “trying to do your

best is not enough, you have to do your best to be the best you can be”. and people see

that this is just the way I am. I don’t think trying is enough, and that is what has made me

be the person I am today

I feel very happy by the way people see me, I like to think of my self as a tough

person, someone who challenges himself. I think that the way people see me makes

them want to challenge me as well, specially guys. Most people, I havee noticed that they

like challenging me in daily things because I mostly exceed in anything I am doing, and I

guess that they try to be better than me or they try to make me fall behind them to make

me feel like im not the best. But that ever the reason is I enjoy that people take the time or

have the guts to challenge me in anything. Ilove being challenged in my daily life as a

human being because my goal is always to be a little bit better, and my car reminds me of

myself every time some guy wants to challenge me to a race. Makes me think

immediately of my self, I start asking my self , “why would another person want to

challenge me and not the car in front of me or behind me or any other car other than

me?”, then I remember and tell my self, “oh its because my car has a sporty look and

the red body color probably attracts the attention of that driver, probably my car is the

best looking car out of all the street we are driving in, or just maybe they think im the

best and they wanna beat the best”. but what ever the reason is I feel very glaad to see

people try to challenge me into things. And that’s the reason why I named my car

Charizard after the same pokemon from the cartoon I used to watch when I was a child,

that’s the same one my car reminds me of every time I look at it. Every part of my car

characterizes itself to Charizard. I’m pretty sure if I asked you to imagine the Pokemon

Charizard as if it was a car your imagination would fall close to the look and style of my

car. Charizard is just like me im talking about the pokemon I named my car after, the

one I watched in the cartoon when I was a child, stubborn but in the same way ferocious

and brave. Never giving up and great in battle, I mention battle here because I too had

my battles, real battles in MMA tournaments and Wrestling tournaments. Never giving

up always giving it my all, just the way I remember char izard used to this way I

characterize my self with my car, the way it looks talks a lot about me and that’s one of

the reasons I chose it when I bought it. I remember coming to the car dealer and I knew

that car was for me.

Before Charizard I had Bumble Bee, named after the main robot in the move

Transformers, but on this car I wasn’t the one who named my car, it was my friends the

people around me the oned who came up with that name and despite the fact that I didn’t

chose that name I kept it for my car, Bumble bee was not a camaro, like in the movie,

my bumble bee was a limited edition 2012RS.7.0 TC. But its likeness and appeareance