Mama: Family and Younger Brother Essay

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Greg Heffley * He is an ordinary middle school student who lives in a middle class family with 2 siblings. * He is the second child in the family * He is older brother to Manny and younger brother to Rodrick * He is the main character of this entire series, he is the one who writes this diary * He is best friends with Rowley Jefferson but in this books they are ex-friends because they had a big fight * He faces many problems in this book.
Uncle Gary * Uncle Garry Greg’s dads younger brother younger brother * He is not mentioned frequently in any other book but is a firm pillar in this book * He is portrayed heavily because he is getting married the third time * According to the book his best friend Leonard tells how the marriage is a big misunderstanding * It is during his wedding that Greg is informed that he is going to get the talk
Susan Heffley * Susan Heffley is Greg's Mom * In this book she is described as – she stops spoiling Manny * She starts attending college which puts the rest of the family in trouble * The family has to divide chores * Greg has to do laundry which he hates the most * Greg is the laziest in the family after Rodrick * This incident also has a advantage Greg realizes the importance of his mother and also they hire a maid
Frank Heffley * He is Greg's Dad * Well he is not that frequently mentioned in this book * He mostly tries to be