Mama In A Raisin In The Sun

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Historically, single-parent families were mainly caused by parental death. 57% of these families were black during the twentieth century. When a parent must raise their children alone, sacrifices will be made to keep any family happy and from falling apart. In A Raisin in the Sun, author Lorraine Hansberry portrays a strong mother figure and widow through character Lena Younger. Also known as Mama, Lena Younger is a determined mother, grandmother, and mother-in law who will do anything and everything to keep her family together, happy, and in their right minds. With her braveness and the respect of her children on her side, Mama achieves her goal of togetherness through any situation.
Set in Chicago during the 1950s, A Raisin in the Sun
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Steady actions bring out a static character. Mama does not go through a major change. Her actions are consistently for her children. She always has their best interest at heart. When Mama enters for the first time in the play, her concern is the fight between Walter and Beneatha about schooling and money. “Who that ’round here slamming doors at this hour? … My children and they tempers … What was you and your brother fussing ’bout this morning?” When Mama exits the play, her family calls to her, waiting for her to join them. This further proves Mama’s concern for them throughout the play. If any of them were to leave her or part from each other, she would be even more concerned with them than when they were all together. She wants to stick together in order to keep an eye on them, very evident throughout the …show more content…
Anyone can try to be strong, but everyone has a weakness. In Mama’s case, her children are her greatest weakness. From the start, Lena was not too thrilled about Walter trying to not only open a liquor store, but overall do something bigger with his life. She did not believe in him. When Walter becomes restless over this desire of his, Mama digs deeper and changes her opinion. She begins to believe that he can be something better. She designates Walter as the financial head of the family; in charge of any income. The Younger bank account now belongs to Walter. In fact, Mama could have easily kept the insurance check money to herself. What does she do? She leaves money in the bank for Walter and sets some aside for Beneatha’s schooling. She knew her children needed it, and she gave up what could be hers for them. She shows her children that she believes in them after all. If her children are happy and know they are supported, they will stay with