Manageable Student Loans

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Manageable student loans
Chanel M. Van Fossan
March 20,2013
Debra Harris

Manageable student loans
Starting collage is a huge step in anyone’s life no matter what age you are because you have to think about all the responsibility that comes with it. Going to class, finding study time, and have to pay for it all. When it comes to paying for school you have so many options on how to pay. Financial aid, student loans, scholarships, grants, and if your luck pay everything straight upfront. In my case I decided to use my financial aid. Even though I got awarded full financial it was still not enough to pay for my first year in school, so I took out a student loan for $6,000. Yes I know this is a lot to have to pay back and on top of that it has to be paid with interest of which rate I do not know. For the next school year I am hoping I get full financial aid again and apply for as money scholarships and grants as I can. I do not want to take out any loans unless 100% necessary.
When it came to me taking out my student loan I was told the exact amount need for my first year. I remember thinking “wow this is a lot of money”, but I waited till the last minute to start school and I did not apply for any scholarships or grant and I felt like I had to take out a student loan. I also remember the lady asking me “Do you want to take out a little more to cover any school expenses?” after that I felt compelled to take out extra money for God knows what. But I have yet to