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Course Documentation Outline School of Business, Biosciences and Justice Studies


1. Program : Business Administration

2. Course Name: Business Management 1

3. Course Code: BUSI 2000

4. Credit Value: 4 credit

5. Course Hours: 42 hours

Class | Lab | Field | Other | Total | 42 | | | | 42 |

6. Pre-requisites/Co-requisites/Equivalent Courses

PR/CO/EQ | Course Code | Title | None | None | None |

7. Faculty: Bob Millard, M.Ad.Ed., CPIM, B.Tech.I.E. 1H16G 613-969-1913 x 2415

8. Effective Date: September 2012 9.
General Information:

* Course outlines are planning guidelines – actual delivery of the content may vary with circumstances. Students will be notified of any change(s).

* Students are responsible for reading this course outline. Questions and clarifications should be addressed to the instructor. The Course Outline is a contract between you and Loyalist College for the Program of Study in which you are registered. Successful completion of this course is mandatory for graduation.

* It is your responsibility to retain course outlines for possible future use to support applications for transfer of credits earned to other educational institutions or professional organizations. You may have to pay a fee to get copies. Course outlines will also be available in an online version at the beginning of the semester. You are urged to keep these on a portable drive or key.

* Plagiarism and academic misconduct are serious offences. Adherence to acceptable standards of academic honesty is an important aspect of the learning process. Academic work submitted by a student is evaluated on the assumption that the work presented by the student is his/her own, unless otherwise disclosed. Students who commit acts of plagiarism and/or academic dishonesty will be subject to disciplinary action as identified in the 2009-2010 Loyalist College Student Manual and Guide – Rights and Responsibilities (available online). * You will be notified by the instructor whether academic work submitted for evaluation is to be authored independently or collectively. Evidence of abuse of this rule may result in a grade of zero for all those involved in the abuse.

* Every effort will be made to make the classroom environment extremely interactive. An emphasis will be placed on students participating in classroom exercises and presentations. Often you will find that your classmates have a different perspective and raise some good questions about your ideas (or mine). Class participation means venturing forth with your own ideas, asking questions and listening attentively to each other. It is important that you complete assigned readings and other class preparation material in order to add value to these classroom sessions. * Please bring your textbook to class with you. * If you are to be absent from class, you are expected to email the instructor prior to the commencement of class. As so much content is covered in class, those who are not able to attend on a consistent basis will likely see their absences reflected in their assignment evaluations. * If absent from class, you are responsible for the work assigned during the class as well as any information given out that day.

* Loyalist College has a Violence Prevention policy: All College members have a responsibility to foster a climate of respect and safety, free from violent behavior and harassment. Violence (e.g. physical violence, threatening actions or harassment) is not, in any way, acceptable behavior. Weapons or replicas of weapons are not permitted on Loyalist