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Classroom Description Monday May 15, 2010 I observed a kindergarten class at L. The classroom consisted of different centers. There was a reading center, listening center, art center, math center, and writing center. The room was designed to accommodate children and adults for indoor and outdoor activities. There was a restroom/washing area located in the class. There was plenty of cabinet/shelves space up high and down low. The children were seated at tables. Both teachers’ desks were located at the front of the class on each side where they could view all the children. Description of Children The class had seventeen (17) students. They were very active and enthusiastic about my observing them. There was one whom suffered with a learning ADHD. They all appeared to have been acting as they do any other day. Information about Adults VW is the teacher. She has been a teacher for fifteen years. She has a Bachelor’s in Early Childhood Development. T S is the teacher assistant. She’s presently in college majoring in Early Childhood Development. Description of Activities Observed I observed the Kindergarten class for an hour during their early morning activities. Description of Behavior Upon observing the children I witnessed many characteristics. I was already in the class when most of the children made it to school. I was able to distinguish the ones that were shy from the ones that were boisterous. The boisterous ones were determined to find out why and what I was observing there class for. They were determined to know if I needed to know how to spell their names. They asked me many questions from who was my teacher to why was I still in school. The children enjoyed helping each other as well as the teacher. I paid very close attention to the student that has ADHD. The child was seated at the table that was closest to the teacher’s desk. The child sat with three other children. Those three students were shy and timid, but comfortable with their teachers and peers. The child with ADHD preferred to get help from the classmates rather than from the teachers. I at one point witnessed the child becoming aggravated. The teacher advised me that the child participates in oral activities enthusiastically, but gets very frustrated when he has to do the very exact activity as a written assignment. Though the children did exhibit some frustrating and aggravating moments they as a whole were still well mannered and behaved. Classroom Management Techniques The teachers used clothespins as their method to keep behavior under control. Each child was given five clothespins each morning. Whichever children had least three by recess were allowed to participate. By the end of the day if they had only one they would get only four the next day. By the end of the week, each child that had four or more by the end of each day received a small incentive on Friday. Classroom Description Friday May 22, 2010 I observed a Kindergarten class at Elementary. The classroom was designed like a maze. There was a teacher’s desk at the beginning and end of the maze. The room was very colorful. The artwork was strictly arts done by students, previous and present. There were restroom, laundry, and resting accommodations. There was plenty storage space. The room was large enough to have the learning space set away from the activities area. Information about Adults J F is the teacher. She has been a teacher for 10 years. She has a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education. J F is the assistant teacher. She has a Bachelor’s in Elementary