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Take Home Test chapter #3 Ch4&6

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Iain Ty

Dr. Bennie Richards, instructor

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Fall semester
Name: Iain Ty
Subject: EDUC 1300
Date: Tuesday, October 7, 2014

1. Discuss how time management, your values, and self–discipline relate to one another.
Time management, values, and self-discipline are important to someone’s success and how their life goes. Time management is when one is very familiar with his schedule and is expecting what is day is going to be looking like. They are usually organized and know how they can deal with things and this relates to values because knowing what you believe in and helping others not only help you but (Page 132 paragraph1-2)
2. List and describe five different strategies you’re currently using or would consider using to beat procrastination. Include description of advantages of using the strategies, how or why they work, and potential difficulties of using them.
Change your outlook on the work from responsibility to an investment to a better life. Under an educational bias would be the act of studying and keeping up and maintaining one’s life organized. Finding out the benefits of work can also help motivate and help fight procrastination.
Have an action plan. Having an idea of how your day should play out helps with time management. In cases where unexpected events occur an action plan serves as a backup to make sure of how it would affect your day.
Having the bigger picture in mind and visualize a successful completion. In completion of an assignment before the due date or having an idea of what is going on in the class. This helps you a better idea of studying and lightness the work load because of a better understanding of the material taught.
Like breaking down a meal to chew able servings, tackle big projects in small portions. Tasks like that should be split up and spread out well before the due date. Making it helpful to correct mistakes and add any final changes well before the date of submission.
Expect to take longer than anticipated. Always thing that whatever needs time would require more time because then it would help reward one’s self when the objective is accomplished before the due date, and making sure you have time for yourself. (page140-141 paragraph 1)

3. Discuss the most effective way of developing and using a “to do list”.
A “to do list” can help you keep track of things you have to do throughout the day. Organizing it’s in order of priority and or categorizing based on time also helps keep up with responsibilities. Once created, the “to do list” also serves as a remainder. Most importantly keeping your priorities in check. (Page 141-145 Paragraph1, 2, and 3)

4. Discuss the relationship between poor time management and monumental stress?
Stress is many times the result of poor time management skills. Poor time management leads to procrastination which is the main cause of stress in many cases. Stress can also can take a toll on your body and causing physical and mental pain to the body. (Page 147 Paragraph 1&2)

5. Discuss the three types of stressors in your life and list at least two tips for overcoming each one.
Changes in the physical environment. Going to college from high school is a journey in nit of its self. Feeling out your environment and growing with the surroundings will help with the feel of an adopted home. After which the change is recognized as a small phase which passed.
Juggling work, school, and family. Balancing working a part time job, going to college and family time is a lot to handle not including time for yourself. Making a “to do list”, keeping a calendar, and having great time management skills can help you balance just enough.
People are also a big stressor. Daily interaction with people may cause stress depending on how it played out. Healthy way of dealing with it is…