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Henri Fayol was a early French developer in the classical approach to management, his contributions to the management fields are still being used and studied in todays business and governments, his theories were treated as a revoultionalised the way organisational management was conducted, with this insight mostly focusing on the role and the duties of the manager. Fayloy identified key duties for proper management of a organisation and these five “duties” include the need to have plans for the future and plan ahead (foresighting), to meet these plans a manager must organise and provide resources and to implement these plans and make sure they can be achievable, once the plan has been established, management must select the right workers for the job at hand and lead them to work towards their end goals (Command). Coordination of resource and ensured information is shared amongst the workers and management to solve any problems that may accrue and finally management must control the whole operation to ensure that goals are being meet and corrective actions are taking place to fix any issue that may arise.
Fayol theory was originally developed in early 19th Century, Fayol theory has seem to stand the test of time and is still being incorporated into days organisations, as his basic principals help define the organisations structure, his principals and key ideas about management can still be used to help tack todays issues organisations are challenged with , such as the increasing awareness from consumers and shareholders for businesses to become more sustainable and use more sustainable products and be an economically friendly organisation as well as have to tack issues of competing with globalisation as technology is forever advancing, it has created a board less market for consumers, increasing market competitiveness.