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Management Exam 1 Study Guide

____ is the introduction of new goods and services
***What are the key management functions?
When Johnny realized his plan to increase sales levels among associates was not producing the results he desired, he took quick action to make necessary adjustments. Johnny was exercising the management function of:
___ level managers are typically concerned with the interaction between the organization and its external environment.
One of Karl's primary activities in his career as a supervisor is creating opportunities for new growth in the business and developing non-management employees. Karl is a(n): frontline manager
Leading, which is a key management function, focuses on a manager's efforts to:
-motivate employees
-communicate with employees
-help employees to perform well
-guide employees
Which type of manage is responsible for translating the general goals and plans developed for an organization into more specific activities?
Tactical manager
What skills do managers need?
-interpersonal and communication
-conceptual and decision making
The set of skills composed of understanding yourself, managing yourself, and dealing effectively with others is called: emotional intelligence
The systematic application of scientific knowledge to a new product, process, or service is called technology A predictable pattern seen in a technological innovation starting from its inception and development to market saturation and replacement is called a(n): technology life cycle
Why are the late majority of adopters od a new product so late?
They are skeptical of technological change.
_____ indicates whether there is a good financial incentive for "pulling off" a technological innovation.
Economic viability
One advantage of developing a technology within you own company is keeping the technology exclusive to the organization
ABC Company maintains an advantage of having a lower cost than its competitors. This is called ____ leadership. low-cost Technology leadership imposes high costs and risks that technology followers are not required to bear. These include:
-developing complementary products to achieve the technology's full potential
-educating buyers unfamiliar with the new technology
-building an infrastructure to support the technology
_____ have yet to prove their full value but have the potential to alter the rules of competition by providing significant advantage.
Pacing technologies
A product champion is someone who: promotes a new technology throughout the organization
A collection of people who work in the same area or have been drawn together to undertake a task but do not necessarily come together as a productive, efficient unit: working group
Teams that operate separately from the regular work structure are exist temporarily: parallel teams
Describe a project development team: a team that works on long-term projects
Work groups in which workers are trained to do all or most of the jobs in a unit, have no immediate supervisor, and make decisions previously made by frontline supervisors, except for decisions regarding hiring and firing members, are referred to as: self-managed teams
_____ have no managerial responsibilities
Traditional work groups
According to research groups, what was most cited as a barrier to team success?
Ineffective communication
____ occurs when individuals believe their contribution to a certain task will not make a significant difference or that they can rely on others to do the work for them.
Social loafing
Shared beliefs about how group members should think and behave within a group are: group norms
A team of members spends a lot of time together even when not at work. For example, having lunch together. What describes this team?
The parading strategy for teams.. attempts to focus simultaneously on internal team-building and external visibility.
NAFTA combined the economies of: