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MGMT410 Final Exam Study Guide
1. The Final Exam is open book, open notes. The maximum time you can spend in the exam is 3 hours, 30 minutes (the clock counts down your time in the upper right corner of the page). If you have not clicked the Submit for Grading button by then, you will be automatically exited from the exam. You can only access the exam once, so be ready to take it when you log in to it.
2. Click the Save Answers button in the exam frequently. If your Internet connection drops, try to log back in immediately. Although the time continues to run, if you can get in quickly, you can pick right back up where you left off. If you can’t, call the Help Desk immediately and get a ticket #. Then, contact your instructor with your ticket # and ask for assistance. Your instructor will clear your exam and let you back in – but note that you will lose your work to that point, and get an entirely new test with different questions.
3. See the Syllabus section "Due Dates for Assignments & Exams" for due date information.
4. Submit Your Final Exam by clicking the Submit for Grading button. At that point, the exam is finalized and no editing will be permitted.
5. Exam Questions
There are 15 randomly selected MC questions, each worth 6 points, for a total of 90 points.
There are four randomly selected essay questions, worth 40 points each, for a total of 160 points.
The Final Exam covers all course TCOs and Weeks 1–7.
The Final Exam contains two pages; Page 1 has all of the essay questions, Page 2, the MC questions. (To gauge your time, spend approximately 25 minutes per essay, and approximately 7 minutes per multiple-choice questions.)
Not everyone will have the same questions. Even if you do have some of the same questions, they may not be in the same order. These questions are distributed among the TCOs. The entire exam is worth 250 points.
On the essay questions, your answers should be succinct, fully address each part of the question, and demonstrate your knowledge and understanding in a concise but complete answer. Most essay questions require answers that are a couple of paragraphs (not a couple of sentences) that directly speak to each part of the question. Some students opt to work on the essay questions first because of their higher point value and length of time needed to adequately address each question. But this is entirely your choice.
Remember, always use proper citation when quoting other sources!
9. Study areas are highlighted in the TCO document below; also review our threaded discussions, the Terms for Review document from Week 7, and homework.
10. Reviewing the TCOs will also be a great preparation for the Final Exam. A TCO breakdown with topics is located on the following pages.

MGMT410 – Human Resource Management - Final Exam/TCO Study Guide
Given current trends in the business environment, identify how they affect the practice and strategies of HRM.
Week 1 linkages to other areas of the company, service department creating $$ value!, harassment policies, prevention policies, metrics to show value; baby boomers, continuous improvement, downsizing, globalization, knowledge workers, multinational corporations, quality management, rightsizing, workforce diversity, and work process engineering.
Given the four major elements of the HRM function, be able to apply them to a current organizational setting.
Week 1 Staffing (hiring/firing),Training and Development (preparing them), employee relations (motivating, keeping, and stimulating them), compensation and benefits (paying and rewarding them); also communications programs, controlling, Hawthorne studies, HR generalist, labor union, leading maintenance, management thought, motivation function, organizing, outsourcing, planning, professional employer, organization, Sarbanes-Oxley Act, scientific management
Given major local, state, and federal legislation affecting the HRM functions,