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Refer Assignment | Course: BTec HND | Module: Working With and Leading People | Student: Atish Sircar | Lecturer: K Crook | Issue Date:13.10.09 | Submission Date: 21.10.09 | Note: late submission must be accompanied by a late submission form. This can be found in the back of the course handbook | Format | Report of 2,000 words, word processed and referenced | Learning Outcomes | This assignment will give you the opportunity to provide evidence to show that you have understood the published Learning Outcomes 1, 2, 3, and 4 | L.O.1 | Explore recruitment, selection and retention procedures | L.O.2 | Understand how to build winning teams | L.O.3 | Evaluate the styles and impact of leadership | L.O.4 | Analyse the work and development needs of individuals considering performance monitoring and assessment | Task | Your organisation is undertaking basic research into the possibility of building a new, thirty strong project team to undertake research into a new environmentally friendly type of shopping bag. As the Human Resources Manager advice the project leader on the following issues. 1. How to go about recruiting and selecting the thirty or so researchers needed. 2. How to build a winning team from the staff selected. 3. What type of leadership skills will be needed in the team based scenario. 4. How to analyses the work needs of individuals. 5. How to develop systems to monitor and assess their performance | Assessment Criteria | Pass | To gain a pass grade you must satisfy the pass criteria published in the specification | | Merit | To gain a merit grade you must: * Submit your work on time and in the appropriate format and achieve all the pass criteria. * Show evidence of appropriate research and analysis in the selection and recruitment of the team. * Show good insight into the ways of building winning teams. * Advise on a range of leadership skills appropriate for the scenario. * Reasoned discussion of how to analyse the needs of individuals. * A range of appropriate advice on how to develop monitoring and assessment systems | | Distinction | To gain a distinction you must: * Submit your work on time and in the appropriate format. * Achieve the merit criteria. * Demonstration of excellent insightfulness and commercial awareness in relation to your advice | Assessment | | Your evidence will be assessed by your unit tutor who will also give you feedback on your results | Internal Verification Process | K E Crook | This assignment has been moderated by the Programme Leader. The programme Leader will also moderate a selection of the marked scripts from this assignment | Student | | This assignment is all my own work and I have not plagiarised the material in it from the Internet or any other un-referenced source | Date | Signature | Atish sircar |

How to go about and recruiting and selecting the thirty researchers needed?

The Process

Recruitment and selecting is the business of getting sufficient suitable candidates for the job at a reasonable cost. There are various methods of recruiting people, Selection can be defined as the combination of process that leads to the choice of one or more candidates over others for one or more jobs or roles, assessment is the application of systematic process to understand the performance of individual or groups either currently or in a predictive sense [ (Edenborough) ].

The over all focus of the recruitment and selection process should be done in way that the company spends in an effective and minimum way. There are four ways of doing this according to [ (Amrstrong) ].

1. The job description and specifications and deciding terms and conditions of employment.
We need 30 researchers who are going to find out about the new environmentally type of shopping bag. 2. Planning recruitment campaigns 3. Attracting candidates 4. Selecting candidates

Defining Role profiles for recruitment