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Task 1 1
1.1 Analysis of the concepts of leadership and management 1
1.2 Evaluation of the key management and leadership theories 2
1.3 Current Issues in leadership and management practices: 4
Task 2 5
2.1 Motivational Theories and Its Influence over Success of Organization- 5
2.2 Contributions of performance management techniques as organizational processes 8
Task 3 10
3.1 Role of leadership and management in motivating employee 10
Task 4 11
4.1 Analysis of the development of teams- 11
4.2 Roles and models of team leadership- 13
4.3 Team’s Role and Usefulness Evaluation within organization- 14
References 15

Task 1
To understand and discuss the concepts of leadership and management with our mentor we must know that what are leadership and management. Our discussion depends upon my ideas on concepts of leadership and management because once I am aware from those than I can take further step in discussion moreover it’s really important to me as a manager to lead my team. My detailed notes on given topics for discussion with mentor are given below.
1.1 Analysis of the concepts of leadership and management
Leadership: The action of leading a community or organization is known as leadership. Leadership is something about giving a new direction or vision for a group that they follow. A leader is a person who guides the group or leads the group. If you have a strong will power and desire, you can become an effective leader. Good leaders have to develop their skills through a process involves never ending of self study, education, training and experience. They follow the saying "seek knowledge from cradle to grave" .The leaders can be influenced by their characteristics for example their views, mission, ethics and confidence. Good leaders work continuously to improve their leadership skills. (Ashman, C, and Green, S 2004)
Management: Management involves controlling efforts of people to accomplish goals and objectives by using all available resources efficiently and effectively. Leadership is a feature of management both involves: (Moss, P, and Petrie, P 2002)
As for as I am concerned Skills and knowledge take part directly in the process of leadership and management while other attributes make leaders and managers different by giving them certain qualities. Skills, knowledge and attributes involves in the process of developing a manager and leader these are part of the aspects of management and leadership. Leadership and management are all about getting people together toward the common goal. It could be done either through communicating with the employees or motivating them through fulfilling their basic needs and wants from the organization. In contrast, the process of management is different and limited to basic steps that are planning, organizing, leading, and controlling of the employees. Management effectiveness ensures that the organization will be directed toward less uncertainty and will be providing stabilized working environment. (Moss, P 2002)
To lead a group or team under supervision in to higher ground of teamwork is not an easy job. Leader should have certain qualities to role on people. They should be highly skilled, intellectual and capable. These abilities do not come naturally, but can be gained through continuous work and study. Good leaders continuously devote their self’s in studying and hard working to improve their skills. Managers play important role in business activity. Mostly it is believed that managers are responsible for getting the task done either by themselves or through other people. When we have given work by the organization, our managers help us in getting task done by advising us. There are many departments in the organization and each department is working under its own manager with different titles. Managers work on behalf of the owners of company which is leader or board of directors. Top chain passes their order to