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Managing behaviour
Task 1
It is very important that all teachers,, lunchtime organisers etc. all follow the same guidelines that are set in place to manage the behaviour of the children in the school. If one child does something wrong and gets a warning but another child does the same thing but gets a yellow card then this isn’t fair. Being unfair in discipline could lead a child to carry on being badly behaved because they might think that if they are just going to be treated like that while others are treated differently then they may think there is no point in trying to be good. However if all children are treated fairly then this can enforce good behaviour in the future.
It is also important that the adults in the setting always encourage good behaviour. This helps children to realise that there are rewards to being good in class as well as repercussions to being bad. In my school for example we give smileys out if children have been good. The child can collect these over the week and at the end of the week a tuck shop goes around the classes and the children can spend their smileys on something from the shop. However if a child is misbehaving during class they can have these smileys taken off them and they will not be able to get anything. Another good reason is that a child at home might not get any praise for any good behaviour they show so at school it is important that all children are shown praise when they do something good to show that they are taken notice of and that being good gets rewards.
While helping with the learning activities any number of problems can arise, for example I had taken a guided reading group out for half an hour and we were reading peter and the wolf, but two of the children wanted to be the same character so to resolve this I got the teachers name sticks for the…