Cultural Diversity

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Cultural diversity in the work place has been an increasingly popular subject over the past couple decades. The thought behind have a culturally diverse company is to have a more productive company. Hiring people of different backgrounds creates a larger knowledge base. People of different races and cultures can bring a different perspective on the way business is handled. Cultural diversity goes beyond affirmative action or equal opportunity employment; it is about having diverse people with diverse perspectives. Cultural diversity also allows for better customer service, reduced skill shortages and access to overseas markets.
America is known as a melting pot of cultures. That being said, customers and/or clients are going to be of various cultures. Maintaining a culturally diverse workplace will reduce language barriers and cultural misunderstandings. Also, when a company is culturally diverse then the workers learn to work with other workers that are of a different culture. If workers can adapted to working with people of different cultures then that adaptation will transfer to the way they deal with customers.
Cultural diversity gives companies the resources to better manage skill shortages. By having a company that utilizes outsourcing, companies have more of a selection of workers in the global market. There is less of a skill shortage when looking for skilled workers on the global market. This gives the company better resources to work with.
Finally, cultural diversity gives companies access to overseas markets. Company that employ people of different culture create contacts on a global scale. The more diverse the company, the more diverse connections the company has. These connections can be used make export connections. Not to