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Explain the linkages between the business case and moral case for diversity in organisations. Support your key arguments by sourcing ‘diversity statements disseminated/ publicised by Australian organisations to justify their claims for managing diversity.

Diversity itself remains an unclear concept. It is contextually specific and linked to demographic and socio-political features of the population and the workforce. Diversity is a selective concept in that some, but not all physical characteristics are incorporated into Managing Diversity programs (Moore 1999). Diversity also has invisible and hidden aspects that include culture and attitudes (Moore 1999). Managing Diversity programs in general mimic or reflect legislative programs
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According to (Scott, R 2010)Australian Red Cross is a part of a vast worldwide network that help people in need by providing relief in time of crisis for the most vulnerable in Australia and the Asia Pacific region, they relies on the generosity of the donors and the goodwill of more than 60.000 Australian members and volunteers. And also help in the program call (Good Start Breakfast Clubs) which serve breakfast to thousands of school kids around Australia and hundreds of elderly people living on their own receive a free reassuring daily phone call.
Australian Red Cross makes the following commitments in respect of diversity by striving to create a culture of respect and dignity for all staff, volunteers, members and supporters and also ensure that all statutes, policies and procedures reduce and dismantle barriers to substantive equality and participation at all level of the organisation, State member for Wallsend Sonia Hornery (Sonia, H 2014) said she had witness the firsthand the good work the Red Cross Australia does in the community. This year, Red Cross Australia celebrates its centenary and she had this to say “Their Catch- cry is ‘100 years of helping people’ and that could not be a more fitting description of their century of