Marguerite's Character in I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings Essays

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Tiffany Gutierrez
Ms. Barth
English 1
25 October 2012
About: Marguerite
Do you know who’s sincere, kind, and a follower? Marguerite is that kind of person from the novel “I know why the cage bird sings”. This character really got my eye by hearing her past childhood. The fact that Marguerite is responsible, polite, intelligent, and has a nice personality makes her a respectful character as well as any kind of person should be in real life. She always looks up to Mrs. Flowers, a woman that has her attention of her as an ideal role model and would always love to spend time with her in every second she can. The way Marguerite loves Mrs. Flowers is because of her charming expressions and her intelligent, sophisticated mind as well as her personality which lightens herself up making herself look more beautiful.
Marguerite is sincere in these ways. She is sincere from the way her personality shows towards people specially to Mrs. Flowers. One way Marguerite is sincere by how she was raised and tought well. Another reason for that is because no matter how Marguerite can be embarrassed. By how she’s sincere to the fact about her being loyal of how she acts with people being with her.
There’s been a time when Marguerite has experienced in her life that she would of never thought that it would happen to her. When she was living with her mother, Marguerite talked more, lived better, and smiled everyday until her mom’s boyfriend sexually abused her. Ever since that day Marguerite has been left traumatized and unable to speak. She’s been traumatized because of the horrible moment she had to go through causing her pain and discomfort to herself. From that moment on she hasn’t talked to anyone not even spoken a word to any response people has given