Marijuana Should Be Legalized Essay

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Marijuana SHOULD be legalized Did you know according to CBC news, in 2001 Ottawa came up with a solution to end the problems about marijuana? It’s true, “Canada became the first country to adopt a formal system to regulate the medical use of marijuana” [1] According to National Institute on Drug Abuse say that marijuana is a dry mix of green and brown shreds of leaves, flowers, stems, and seeds from the hemp plant “cannabis sativa”.[2] This drug is used in health purposes. That is why marijuana should be legalized because of physical and physiological benefits, to help the ones in need of this drug. Marijuana should be legalized because of physical benefits. A former U.S surgeon general said that by the use of marijuana it can relieve certain types of pains such as nausea, vomiting, ECT. [3] Marijuana is also less toxic than many of the drugs physicians prescribe every day. [ibid] An interesting fact, which has been found by a professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, was that in the past four decades cannabis has been smoked widely in the western countries but there has been no reported case of lung cancer or emphysema that attributes to marijuana. In fact it stops from having a tumor growth! [ibid] Professor Donald Abrams from the University of California said that "Patients receiving cannabinoids [smoked marijuana and marijuana pills] had improved immune function compared with those receiving placebo”. [ibid] In summary, marijuana should be legalized because it does not cause cancer in fact it helps to stop, a tumor growth. My next argument for why marijuana should be legalized is physiological benefits. Research from Ontario Canadian Mental Health Abuse states that by the use of marijuana it makes people feel happy, relaxed and comfortable. [4] Another reason is people who have mental illness use marijuana to relieve the disorder that they have. [ibid] My opponent would probably say against this, that by smoking marijuana can lead to becoming “high” but one of my mutual friend that smokes said he rather be “high” than remember what was wrong in the first place. Another thing they would say it would lead to lose of memories but Harvard University say that there are no lasting effects 28 days after quitting and a person who has smoked 5000 times can do just as well from those who barely smoke or never did. In conclusion, marijuana should be legalized because of physical benefits; Harvard Medical School found that there are no linked cases that marijuana caused cancer. Another one is physiological benefits such as the research that Canadian Mental Health Abuse found, states that it puts them into a better state then they originally were.

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