Why Should Marijuana Be Legalized

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One of the most highly debated, controversial issues facing our generation is “Should the US legalize marijuana?" Individuals deserve the right to make choices for themselves, the first reason that marijuana should be legal is that there’s no proven reason for it not to be illegal. Marijuana is proven to be a lot less dangerous than some other legal drugs, which are alcohol and tobacco also many doctors agree on the fact that it can reduce the pain of many sicknesses .in addition, if marijuana was legal, and the U.S sold it and placed tax on it they would contribute to eliminating their the first approx. 5-6 years after legalization, and would also have a lot more money for the country and less money for the drug dealers this money can also help pay for drug education program and other drug related programs. Today America spends billions of dollars every year to chase peaceful people who happens to like to get high. If this solution is solved and America just legalize the drug. Marijuana will be consumed more and there will not be any more illegal trafficking, no more drug dealers, no more illegal plantations and no more political confusion. with the comparsion of cirggarrette vs. marijuana which statics proves that it kills over 100,000,00 over the year. I feel like the biggest issue as of now is that the tobacco industry workers would lose their jobs . In Addition, calaboration of both marijuana and ciggaretts would build employment and boost our export and import markets and industrues it also build more businesses with CARICOM. Studies proved that another legal drug that should be illegal becuase of the effect it made on people is Alcohol . From my personal point of view Alcohol takes lives. It kills countless amounts of drinkers, and non drinkers who are involved in drunk driving. Children are killed all the time because of drunk driving. Families are broken, hearts are broken. Marriages are torn apart and kids lives are destroyed. Based on my research oppose to alcohol, Marijuana will calm you , instead of being the ANGRY camper it up your attiude to either Happy, Giggly and often times hungry marijuana has still being proven to have