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1. 3 Types of Research
a. Causal
i. Used to establish cause and affect relationships between variables.
b. Exploratory
i. Discover ideas and insights ii. Methods- literature search, depth interviews, focus groups, cases analyses
c. Descriptive
i. Describing a population with respect to important variables. ii. Describe characteristics of certain groups. iii. Determine proportion of people who behave in a certain way iv. Make specific predictions
v. Determine relationships between variables vi. Key questions: who, what, when, where, why, how
1. Dummy table using cross tabs for two variables
d. Focus Groups- 2 downfalls
i. Easy for managers to see what they expect to see in the results. ii. Just a piece of the pie.
e. Upon arriving at Stop & Shop, I noticed that in the parking lot there were a number of shopping carts that had been left in parking spots. This can cause stress for consumers and gives the store a bad image. After I entered the store, I made my way around the different aisles looking for what I needed. Some of the problems that I noticed included abandoned products in the wrong aisles, damaged goods, and trash on the floor. These are minor things that if taken care of can make the consumer’s shopping experience that much better. Once I located everything that I needed I headed towards the cashiers. I noticed that many people opted to use the self-check-out instead of the cashiers. Due to this, there were only 4 cashiers working at the time I