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World of Warcraft Commecial : “Aubrey Plaza's Birthday Gift" ” There is nothing more annoying than a boyfriend who always wants to play video games while you two are hanging out, right girls? Well a boyfriend who is addicted to the online game "World of Warcraft" is even worse, and I hate to admit that I have experienced it. So what is it about this game that makes guys feel the need to consume so much of their time by playing in an online fantasy world? I personally will never understand how WOW can take precedent over a girlfriend, or anything else for that matter. However, World of Warcraft has recently broadcasted a new commercial depicting a girl named Aubrey who receives the game as a birthday gift from her boyfriend. While Aubrey initially appears upset that her boyfriend got her such a disappointing gift, as the commercial plays out Aubrey ends up becoming addicted and dumping her boyfriend because the game is more important. This commercial presents a sarcastic, yet humorous attempt to voice the product's benefits to consumers by depicting that even a girl who typically does not understand the purpose of WOW becomes addicted after playing. The sarcasm and humor of the message lies in the commercial's ability to mirror relationship issues that actually affect certain couples in real life.
In relation to marketing area, the new World of Warcraft advertisement targets many of the facets in the facet effects model including association, emotion, and persuasion. Viewers are able to associate and connect with the message as a result of WOW or other video games having created arguments or affected their relationships in some way. Emotion is affected through the commercial's ability to place a humorous spin on the negative event of an online game being the cause of a breakup. Moreover, the commercial aims to persuade consumers to go out and purchase World of Warcraft by using the simple argument that "even girls like to play." It is obvious that the advertisement is effective in making people laugh, but it is just as effective in persuading consumers to purchase WOW. This is such a great idea will attract the people who doesn’t play World of Warcraft feel the need to go out and start playing.

How the internet has changed the scope of advertising This article is looking at how the internet is reshaping and impacting the way that media is delivered especially how advertisements are specifically being formed to target a market that is ever increasingly shrinking. The huge boom of television advertising has shifted and now the biggest money