Toyota Marketing Plan

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Executive summary
The business case selected for the assignment is the strategic marketing plan of Toyota ME.WE electric concept car entry into the Indian automobile market. A brief introduction of the car says that this concept car is the future of electric vehicle, much more advanced than the existing commercial electric concepts. It has much more uniquely designed to suit different age groups. It boasts of unique features to create a product differentiation in the existing electric car market. Though the commencement of production of this car is a farfetched thought process, it is important to study the market we are looking at well enough to know if such a car say 8-10 years later and study by who will buy the car first once the car commences production. Studying the behavior of the target market, their attitude towards change to a greener option, the existing competitors in the market is highly critical to monitor address the readers. With over billion plus population, the market is a big attraction to the foreign direct investment from around the world. The Indian automobile market is one of the strongest markets in the world in terms of revenue and. More than 70% of the populations are educated enough at least to make a decision on their own, thanks to various government schemes. As the country is marching forward to transform into an economic powerhouse of the future, the general public can now buy a car at a reasonable price due to increased income at disposal. People now want their next car purchase to be the most sensible buy in terms of electric or hybrid car, modern and at the most reasonable