Marketing Assignment #1 Essay

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1. What is the Mayo Clinic’s mission? Who are its target customers and what is its relationship with these customers?
The Mayo Clinic’s mission is to keep the needs of the patients first. The Mayo Clinic’s target customers are people in need of care. The relationship between the Mayo Clinic and its customers is one of trust. The Mayo Clinic’s patients believe that the Mayo Clinic is the best medical practice in the country.
2. What is Mayo's marketing mix? Discuss how the organization manages its marketing mix within its marketing strategy.
The Mayo’s marketing mix is the interest of the patient and the collaboration and collective wisdom of many physicians resulting in a new and better way to care for the patients. The Mayo’s marketing strategy is grounded on the delivery of customer value and advancing the science of medicine to be able to treat the untreatable patient. The Mayo’s brand strictly relies on the word of mouth of its patients. The Mayo clinic is the top choice for people in the need of care and the name and brand is something in which people can trust. The Mayo is focused on protecting and preserving the reputation it has built as the best the practice to effectively diagnose and treat patients.
3. How are the Mayo Clinic’s partnering activities helping it to achieve its mission and strategy?
The Mayo’s partnering activities, such as the formation of the Office of Brand Management, helped in achieving its mission and strategy by forming a clearing