Marketing: Economics and Micro Factors Essay

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Business environment depends on the macro and micro factors. PEST analysis is a good tool to analyze macro factors which can have negative or positive impacts on the overall industry. Micro factors can be harmful to individual business of an organization so it is important to have prior knowledge about resources of an organization, competitive trends and customers through effective marketing research on these elements.
PEST Analysis
PEST analysis is a beneficial method for the Designer Bear in outlining the actual outside environment.
P Political situation in Pakistan is not favorable for any foreign investors at the moment as election season is arriving in a short period of time and it will impact on the policies and regulations of the previous government. Instability of the political situation in Pakistan is also somehow not favorable for DB due to regular interruption of dictators in the political systems in recent times.
E The economy is on decreasing side but it has a lot of potential to grow in near future as it has a lot of natural resources, low cost infrastructure and well located geographical location. So, DB can get a lot of benefits of an improving economy of Pakistan in the near future as it will help in controlling inflation and increasing per capital income.
S A country which has majority of population in term of children and youngsters as compared to other countries so DB can use this advantage to attract potential customers in term of a wide range