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The Type of product the company offers and its characteristics:
As a service rendering company ADT Technologies is in the market to provide various tech. related service products that we believe benefit our customers and are in high demand on the market. These service products are Multimedia, Call Centre facility, Data Communications and IT, Financial Services, and Knowledge Consulting. 1. Multimedia Services / For Business and Household Customers/ * On sight Training and Implementation /For Business Customers/
We help our business customers and their staff to be able to take full advantage of the new/old technology they use for work. Once we have completed integrating their customized system, we will take as much time as needed to train them to ensure easy and effective usability of all equipment. We plan to excel in this area by providing efficient customer oriented service at all times. * Field Service & Repair
When customers need prompt service on demand, our Technical Field Service Group will always be ready to deliver. Certified, bonded and insured -- our field technicians will respond quickly -- providing customers sound value from their audio-visual and technological investment. * Video and Media Production By providing our customers state of the art: * Video production * Photography * Graphic Design * Show and * Event Production
We aim to help build their image as well as their Tech. equipment. 2. Call Center Services: * Flexible Inbound and outbound Services include order taking, product and service support, appointment scheduling, customer service, instant messaging and live chat, service response and dispatch, technical support, web site services and Help Desk. 3. Data communication Services: * Now a day’s most houses and almost all businesses need internet access and computer networking capability. Thus in this regard our services are comprehensive and include everything from evaluation of current infrastructure to new design or redesign. Whether there is a need for a completely new computer network, upgrade and changes, or just to connect to the internet we provide wiring / networking services for telephone and computer in both residential and commercial environments. 4. Financial Services: * Handling Account Receivables, collections and tax related issues of our customers by assigning individual account executives will be our core service in this category. 5. Knowledge Consulting:
This involves providing fully integrated support and consultancy service for our business and household customers, on how to protect their computers and networks from intrusion, hacking and malicious viruses and programs to ensure absolute data security. It also includes providing consultancy services, especially for businesses, which identify and improve the customers’ operations across Information Technology (IT), finance, human resources, and other mission-critical areas.
In Addition to these core products, especially in its foreign market ADT will be engaged with the sales of internet and network connectivity products such as Hubs, Routers, Switches and Servers.
To be highly competitive in the market all our services are designed to be integrated, personalized, efficient and effective with round the clock availability and accessibility.
Discuss the Service Component of the Product:
ADT Technologies Inc. is primarily a service company which entered the market to provide the above mentioned service products. Hence, in this paragraph we would rather discuss various products we may use to enhance the service products we provide. Since the provision of our service is highly competitive and related to a rapidly growing industry Staying technically sound is very important for the business. Keeping our organizational capacity, in terms of the tools,