Essay Marketing: Mercedes-benz

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Marketing Management
(MKT 500)

1. What role does quality plays in the formation of attitudes?
2. How might Mercedes preclude any further dilution of its brand in the perceptions of consumers?
3. Comment on the effects of competition from Lexus and other brands on the search for information and decision making by consumers.
4. How do youthful consumers differ from older adults in terms of information search, personal influence, and auto product preferences?

Role plays makes a huge statement in the formation of attitudes. Customers of who have been loyal buyers of Mercedes Benz expect to see consistency. When drastic changes are made it somehow puts Mercedes Benz in the light of luxury in the eyes of the consumer. With something as simple as wood paneling being removed from the normalcy the consumer starts to view differently. Luxury and quality are high standards of Mercedes Benz and these are the expectations of the consumer. Once again listening to your customer will always provide a better return in the long-term. Mercedes can avoid satisfaction with its consumers by including them in what they may want to see in there luxury cars or just state consistent to what customers are familiar with. Change can be a shock to many because it’s an unfamiliar place that many chose to stay away from. Luxury cannot be taken down to average or else it loses its taste. Lexus just as Mercedes Benz all represent high quality and there target areas are to those who seek after this representation. Any form of competition can a healthy way for the automobile industry to stay above the rest while bridging the gap between what the consumers wants and what’s going to benefit them both. Making information available that’s easiest for the consumer to follow and also by providing a great shopping experience can make big difference to why one consumer may chose Lexus over