Marriage and Country Essay

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Fraudulent marriage There are a lot of governments who allow many people to enter the country in an arranged marriage. Some people of religion and other people are in arranged marriages to gain status to another country for benefits and money. In a fraudulent marriage the government allows people to enter the country thinking that, they are married and will be in a relationship with their partner. However that is not always the case. People tend to get married to have status in the country so that their partner becomes a victim, by losing trust and money. They then become emotional because their partner has betrayed him/her and has left them with nothing, leaving them to have to pay the government money for the application to enter the country. The provincial legislation should find a way to help people in fraud relationships because their partner might be in an abusive marriage. Their partner may have to suffer physical or emotional pain because, their partner might have to stay in the relationship for about 3 years for the marriage to become annulled or else the partner will loose their immigrant status and might have to leave the country. The partner loses trust to start a new relationship because of their previous relationship that failed. They may feel very emotional and stressed because they were left with the expense of the immigration papers, and other payments such as a ticket to come to the country . The advantage of a fraudulent