Marriage and New World Definition Essay

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Marriage: What Is It Good For?

Marriage is defined as a sacred bond between man and woman. But in my eyes, the definition has become inaccurate. I say this because it seems to not be as sacred as it was once was. Also, because it’s no longer is exclusively between a man and a woman. Is Marriage important? Is it always a positive thing for a couple? If you’re wondering what the definition is now, I would say it’s up for interpretation. So allow me to try and explain the new world definition in my eyes. So why do people even get married? Well for some it’s a religious thing. In many religions you must be married before you can do a number of things, that’s including having children. For others it might be about a family tradition. Or in some cases it can be for the benefits. And by benefits I mean everything that comes with the ring. Such as, financial security, insurance discounts, tax cuts and life insurance claims in case of the death of a spouse. But if all those good things come from marriage then why do so many end in divorce these days? Who knows? The meaning behind marriage is to be help and love one another for the rest of their life. Why take that vow just to end it? Shows people are moving into things too fast, before they learn who a person really is. And Divorce isn’t cheap. People need to be sure of marriage before they engage in it. In reality it can do more harm than good if manipulated or not taken seriously. There isn’t a machine that can tell you…