Gay Marriage Essay

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Ana Contreras
Gay Marriage
Is it gay marriage or “should I say just same-sex couples?” These words gay and marriage just do not match well together in my opinion. The joining of these words “gay marriage” is just a new vocabulary that same-sex couples have brought as an idea to define and legalize their relationships. It is a concept that many people and I just consider not acceptable. Actually, it is to mislead the real meaning of marriage.
Some 150 years of systematic inquiry by anthropologist leaves little doubt that heterosexual marriage is found in nearly every human society and almost always as a pivotal institution. Homosexual marriage outside contemporary western societies is exceedingly rare and never the basis of “viable social order” (Peter Wood, 221) As Peter Wood argues, for hundreds of years and for most of the society, marriage has been defined as the union of a man and a woman in a relationship that legally become husband and wife. My definition of marriage is not far from the common one before mentioned. Throughout my life I have been taught and had clear ideas about what marriage means to me. Two humans of opposite sex in a relationship legally and religiously become husband and wife, who soon become parents as well, and therefore, people responsible for their children raising. Issues in race ethnicity, gender and class book mentions senator McCain’s opinion about the definition of marriage as the union of one man and one woman that “sufficiently recognizes the vital and unique role played by mothers and fathers in the raising of children, and the role of family in shaping, stabilizing and strengthening communities and our nation”. (380). The general definition of marriage, McCain’s, as well as mine clearly states that a marriage is the union of a heterosexual couple and not in other way. In order to become husband and wife it is needed an opposite-sex couple, otherwise it is not a marriage. Meaning that homosexual or gay marriage is just an unacceptable and misleading concept of this word.
A marriage, husband and wife have the right to become parents and so, responsible for raising children. Likewise, every child has the right to grow up with a father and a mother, which means basically a heterosexual marriage. And I want to highlight heterosexual marriage because one cannot have a mother and a father if it is not from an opposite- sex marriage. Therefore, to raise a child in a homosexual household is practically denying their right.
“Gays and lesbians demand that they have a right to have children to complete their sense of personal fulfillment, and in so doing, are trumping the right that children have to both a mother and a father—a right that same-sex marriage tramples over”. Same-sex marriages deprive children of their right to either a mom or a dad. (Mainwaring)
Same –sex marriage cannot replace the rules of father and a mother in a family. It is just not possible. Just imagine how can a child call a man “mother” or a woman “father”? Does not it sound weird and illogical? It is just not right. It does not only include the moral part, but the logical and educational aspects, as well as the knowledge one grows up with. One cannot change the fact of being male means male and so, female is female. Therefore a mother must be a female person as a father a male person and not in other way. This society has to leave thinking just in themselves as adults and personal benefits. I mean same-sex couples should think more about children and their future. The reason is based on the premise that marriage becomes