Essay on Marriage and Roles

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Throughout the research of the topic of Roles in Marriage, a various amount of facts were discovered, such as

the psychological aspects in the roles of marriage and how society views these roles in marriages. As well as

some case studies as to how society has changed their views on the roles in marriages. The roles in marriages

have changed significantly over time. It is now that women are seen as more of equals to men so they may be

allowed to work and vote just as men may be allowed to be the people taking care of the children while staying

home. Although, women do have their primary repsonsibilities as a wife and that will be shown in this paper.

Lastly, the paper will illiustrate how in modern time the roles have sometimes been reversed as we are a more

advanced society.

Introduction The issue to be investigated within this research paper is the topic of Roles in Marriages .The research question

will focus around the question of how society's views on roles in marriages have changed. In that, the following

terms will be discussed or referred to in light of the research topic. The first term " Husband" is defined as a

man joined to another person in marriage( Next, the term "Wife " is defined as a woman joined

to another person in marriage.( Next, the term "Housewife" is defined as a woman ho manages

her own household as her main occupation.( Next, the term "Family" is defined as a fundamental

social group in societytypically consisting of two parents and children.( Lastly, the term

"Breadwinner" is defined as one whose earning are the primary source of income within a family.

( Furthermore, the topic of study is significant to the discipline of Socirty. As well, the primary

research conducted focused on determining how much knowledge and experience the participants had with the

topic in question. Thereby, in light of the above issues, the following thee issues will be reflected upon: The

psychological aspect of roles in marriages, how society views roles in marriages, and how society has changed

their views on roles in marriages over the years. Thereby, the information presented will focus on a well thought

out discussion that interprets the work of accredited works by various scholars.

Review of Literature

The issue to be examined within this literature review is that of the topic of roles in marriage. The following terms

are to be discussed a fair amount throughout this paper in light of the topic of discussion. Those terms are

Husband, wife, family, housewife, and breadwinner. There are a variety of studies that show the psychological

aspect of roles in marriages. There have been many studies that have been conducted to incorporate these

thoughts and have also been examined for a long time. It is seen that women are to do certain housework while

the husbands are to do the hard labour and provide the income for the family. Although there is a division of

labour in human affairs between the sexes, there are changing social expectations, which are reflected at

somewhat different times. Some people, women particularily are likely to find themselves with the task of

cleaning while men do the more physical labour. This is not how it should be it is just what had been found out to

be more common. A big change is that now women are allowed to work whereas in the past they were not

allowed to work and this automatically made them become housewives when they were married. Now they have

the option to work so they are no longer considered to be primarily housewives. So this does not only make men

the breadwinner of families, it can also mean that women may be breadwinners. Especially because divorce is

so common now that women may have to be the breadwinners to not only support themselves…