Martin Luther King Analysis

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The African American community without doubt was ready to take the first huge step against segregation. They had asked a soft-spoken preacher named Martin Luther King, Jr. or M.L as his family called him. To guide them on their protest for equality and justice. The three experiences M.L had as a young person that shaped his actions and beliefs as an adult were his father’s influence, his mother’s encouragement, and the bus ride back to Atlanta. To begin with, M.L’s father, Reverend Martin Luther King, Sr., was the well-respected preacher at Ebenezer Baptist Church. His father refused to be discriminated against. He was a good role model and set a fine example for his son. Mr. King passed on his moral values to his son. For example, M.L and his father were asked by a shoe salesman to move to the “colored” section of the store, his father replied “We’ll either buy shoes sitting here or we won’t buy shoes at all” then he walked out with his son. Secondly, M.L’s mother who was named Alberta Williams King was a college-educated musician. M.L experienced prejudice at a young age. His mother knew she couldn’t shield him from segregation, but she did know that she could teach him about it and why he should never feel inferior to others because he was just as good or maybe even better. For example, at the age of six two sons of a white storekeeper stopped playing with him and his mother told him to always remember “you are as good as anyone”. Which made him aware of social problems. Finally, Martin Luther King, Jr. traveled to represent his high school at a statewide