Mary Bell Essay

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Mary Bell
By Katie Farina
Professor B

I wasn’t thinking of planning to kill anyone when I was a ten year old girl. Why would I? In 1994 I was in school and during the summer I would hang out with my friends till it got dark and my parents called me to come in. I was playing softball with a travel team back then as well. I wasn’t thinking of planning to kill anyone when I was a ten year old girl. I also have a good conscience unfortunately, that if I ever murdered anyone even if it was someone I didn’t like I would probably be one of those kids that would tell their mother right away and face the music. That however, was not the case with Little Mary Bell. In this paper I will Summarize three key aspects of the
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For girls, the higher the frequency of nurturing chores, the more powerful they perceived themselves. The higher the frequency of agentic chores, the more nurturing they perceived themselves.” Since Mary was not nurtured she perceived herself of being in the western and killing people is how she was nurtured. A good way of gearing to have stopped her delinquency was for mother and daughter to both go see a shrink. If my daughter had ever killed someone and I knew about it I would have sat her down and asked why are you doing this? No more lies no more watching westerns. And no more bulling other kids. In this p In this paper I have Summarized three key aspects of the juvenile case study that you selected, highlighted at least three factors that I believed are important for one to understand the origins of the juvenile’s delinquent behavior, applied at least two concepts from the theory that I chose from the text that