Masque Of The Red Death Analysis

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For hundreds of years, humans have been fascinated with the concept of life. In the short story “Masque of the Red Death” written by Edgar Allan Poe, life is shown with beauty and elegance, as a coveted treasure to many. In a time of plague, and suffering, Prince Prospero takes one thousand of his light hearted friends into hiding in a castellated abbey with him to hide from death and the plague. Edgar Allan Poe uses the appeal of life and the fear of death by a pestilence, to create a horribly beautiful story. A story which shows that death cannot be cheated, and running away cannot solve all your problems. “The Masque of the Red Death” is an allegory for the seven stages of life.
In the interest of having a good time while being hidden away, Prince Prospero throws a great masquerade. A masquerade filled with dancing and light, music and braziers of light. A party with happy spirits and bizarre costumes. “But, in spite of these things, it was a gay and
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He describes to us what most of us fear the most, death, and the end of us. Throughout his story we travel through the seven stages of life. In the beginning we are greeted with a clever Prospero escaping the plague and hiding away, then we enter s stage of youth and foolishness, as we enter the masquerade filled with happiness, and frivolous outfits. We then go through the seven rooms, each a special color, each room a different feeling, each room is a different stage of life. From the blue room of birth to the black room filled with the choking sense of death. Finally we are reminded of our mortality by the ebony clock that rings loud and clear, from the black room. Humans have always been fascinated with life and death. In the short story written by Edgar Allan Poe we are confronted with both the joy of life, and then the uncertainty of death. We are confronted with the seven stages of