Mavericks Marketing Plan

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MKTG 1960 Human Relations
Case Study- Mavericks Marketing Plan

Mavericks Marketing Plan

Given that the Mavericks are such an outstanding basketball team, and that the organization currently has hit a “glass ceiling” on revenue in the areas of sell outs, sponsorship, TV rights and merchandise revenue, we have come up with some exciting new ideas to increase fan appreciation and create greater interests in the Dallas Mavericks.

Non Traditional Revenue Growth

The focus of this campaign is revenue growth. We can gain revenue growth by introducing new ways for our fans to interact with our players, cheerleaders and staff. We propose creating fan based events, at which they will be able to interact with the Mavericks, create community goodwill towards the organization and make the community at large feel that they are a part of our Maverick team. The events will be designed to enable personal interaction with the groups. The Events we propose are as follows.

Meet the Players Banquet- A banquet will be set up with 50% of the proceeds going towards the Mavericks charity of choice. A round table seating 10 will be set up for each of the 16 players. The community at large will have the option of bidding on a seat at the table of their choice. The highest 10 bidders of each table will be the ones seated. The diners will have a chance to interact with the players during the cocktail hour as well as during and after dinner. This accomplishes several goals at once. It increases revenue for the organization, creates goodwill in the community, and offers a tax deduction, also creating revenue for the Mavericks. This banquet will be scheduled once a year and become an annual event.

Basketball Camp for Adults- Many people dream of interacting with their favorite players and getting some one on one instruction on the court. The Mavericks will work with a few key players to develop this camp. The camp will be an opportunity for both men and women to enhance their skills and get some one on one time with the pros. The camp will be a one week event. There will be 80 spots available for men and 80 spots available for women. The 80 men and 80 women will be divided into 8 teams consisting of 20 members. The teams will be the traditional men and women teams.

The teams will receive personal instruction and coaching from the staff for 4 out of the 7 days. The last two days camp members will be able to meet with 8 of the players from the Mavericks. The players will then lead the teams in basketball matches against the other teams. The winning teams will play each other and will continue until a winning team is announced. The cost for the camp will be $7,500.00 per person. A full camp will bring in a gross total of $600,000.00 per camp. The camp will be offered two times a year. In order to create even greater interest in the camps and excitement, 8 of the spots can be done as a drawing. This shows that the Mavericks care about the community and feel like their fans are the number one factor in their success.