Essay on Maya Angelou and Literary Devices

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Brooke Jeane
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26 May 2015
Rising Analysis
In the poem “Still I Rise”, the author Maya Angelou transforms writing through her cheeky self-assertiveness. This poem is a clear message to the white oppressors from the blacks; it focuses on a young woman’s thoughts on what she is forced to go through. It shows that no matter what this young woman goes through from a political or social standpoint that nothing will be able to bring her down. Her ancestors helped pave a path for the foundation of her confidence in herself and her heritage and she will not let them down.
The oppressors of this young woman try to tear her down with many things including slandering words. They use their words to try to bring and break her down so that she will submit to their thoughts, but she is determined to prevail and pushes through. They also try to use her as their doormat by pushing her into submission in hopes she will fall and never get back up. They will always be pushing her in the opposite direction of themselves, trying to keep her from achieving happiness and her goals.
Even with all these challenges blocking her path, this woman is determined to pick herself back up and not only push through the hardships but excel and prove them all wrong. She is confident in the way her skin color makes her sexy. She knows she can achieve anything she puts her mind, heart, and soul into. She is strong, independent, and courageous to do what is necessary for her and others like her to succeed.
Her ancestors helped pave a path and foundation for her to grow and build upon. She is proud of her heritage and who she is no matter what her oppressors may tell her otherwise. Before she was able to dust off the oppressors, her ancestors had to. Her ancestors fought a hard battle to prove themselves and rise above and she means to continue that same legacy – she will not bow, fail, or disappoint.
As Angelou portrays her characters tribulations she utilizes several literary devices to not only drive her point home but also make the work more relatable and easier to follow. We are able to see: similes, repetition, imagery, and rhyme scheme throughout her writing. Upon a