Mcbride Financial Website Redesign

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McBride Financial Website Redesign
Buddy Hanrahan, Jonathan Walker, Fernando Villasenor
April 29, 2013
Brian Jones

McBride Financial Website Redesign
The Virtual Organization being evaluated, its purpose, and intended audience
McBride Financial is looking for a complete redesign of their web presence We created the current Web site when we first had the idea for McBride Financial Services. As we have continued through the business start-up process, we have honed our concept of how McBride Financial Services will position itself in the market and how it will run its operations. We're not sure that the original Web site design, will be able to meet our needs. The Web site will be vital for
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| nope, had to scroll back to the top | nothing big enough to scroll | If there were articles on the site, could you tell when they were written? | no reference to when it was created or updated | none | Did images on the pages contribute to the user experience? | no, not many there to speak of | no | Was the text well written and free of mistakes? Did you find any spelling errors? Were there broken links? | none found | none found | Your Thoughts | | | What impressed you the most about this site? | Very thorough on the information, but I had to zoom the browser to be able to read it | single page from every button with no excessive information | What features on this site would you want to make sure to incorporate into your own site? | calculators and quantity of information | reduction of sub-pages | What would you change if you were the owner of the site? | Contact information would contain a photo and be correctly formatted | make it fit the browser | What features on this site would you make sure to avoid when creating your own site? | larger text, which would mean bigger pages, and anchors to get back to the top | small text | | | | New attractive logo | logo very plain | very generic logo | Better Color Scheme | for