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Website Evaluation Paper
Jimmie Green, Matthew Smith, Nicholas Fletcher
James Johnsen

In 1994 Karl brought over his restaurant from Kiel Germany after he visited Jacksonville and so many people talked to him telling him they loved German Food. So after being a chief in Germany for 47 years he got up and moved his restaurant to Jacksonville and called the German Schnitzel Haus. After a few years they relocated to a new location that is more modern and has a restaurant feel, the one thing that has not changed is the web site. This paper will address a few key issues on the restaurant how to develop a website that reflects its change and become modern. This website was chosen to hopefully get a company that just moved into a new location a new and updated website while also supporting a local company. It was also chosen because when searching for German Food in the area it is the first to pop up but when you proceed to their website it looks like it was made in the 1990’s. The photos were all over the place, and the substance of information it did have was very difficult to find or not relevant.
Purpose of the Website
So by this assignment we will help redefine their web presence while also comparing competitive websites that will help the Schnitzel Haus compete. Also hopefully by doing this we can also create a social presence, creating them a Twitter page and a Facebook page. The problem of having a website that doesn’t reflect current day material is people will not have desire to revisit the website. According to TechNet by Microsoft “Many small businesses know technology can make them more productive, but new research shows technology also can have a significant impact on a company’s reputation and customer satisfaction.” Even getting the word out about the company through Groupon or LivingSocial can bring in new customers.
The important thought is that after customers go to your restaurant, you are easy to find afterwards. When you build your website you have to be able to reach out to your local community and outside community. You need to be able get the word out about your business and if you cannot do that than you are not effectively using your web site. Hopefully by choosing this website and reviewing the key aspects like figuring out your target audience or specific design, we can help this business improve.
Target Audience The two communities that matter the most to the German Schnitzel Haus is the area of Jacksonville and any tourist that are traveling to Jacksonville. The German Schnitzel Haus is the only all German restaurant in all of Jacksonville. So they have a corner on the Market for the town of Jacksonville but there website does not show that. If they want to reach out to the local community they will need to extremely rely on the social aspects of their website. Another aspect to their local community is the beach as they are only three miles from the shore. They should have event calendar to show off to the community what they are doing how they can come back. The other community that is extremely important to the restaurant is people outside of Jacksonville which are tourist and travelers that stop while driving through, or come to the beach in Jacksonville. This is important because you want to be found when people are searching for food through search engines and if your website is not optimized for today’s technology, then you will not be found. Social networking will help the restaurant to be found by this audience that is located outside of Jacksonville. More and more people plan their trips via the internet and looking for all there stops along the way before ever leaving the house. According to CNN “Facebook allows users to share content and conversations, create events and deploy targeted ads.
Design Criteria There are certain aspects that every website must maintain our team has come up with 20 design criteria that we think are the most important