Me To We Case Study: This Me To We

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This Me to We case study is about a little girl, named Lindsay, whose mother gets breast cancer. Lindsay knew it was likely to happen because her grandmother, great-grandmother, most of her aunts died of breast cancer. The only women left in her family where her mother and herself. She says “From this day on, I thought to myself, there will never be another day where things will be happy and okay.” Lindsay came home from school and saw that her mother was throwing up in a bucket. That was when she knew she was going to be the new mom. Lindsay said that she would have never vacuumed by herself but her dad could not do it because he was always paying the medical bills. One day, Lindsay stayed in from recess and cried in the girls washroom. …show more content…
Then, the doctors said that the cancer had gone away and there was some hope. This hope ,unfortunatly, was false because the cancer soon came back in the form of ovarian cancer. Her mother had to go to New York to get the growth removed from her ovary and the doctors said that she had beaten the cancer. It was now time to start getting back to normal. Lindsay was moping around the house and with the girl at school whose parents were going through a divorce. Her mom however wanted Lindsay to run for breast cancer with her. Lindsay did not want to but eventually gave into her mother’s pleads. When she had only two miles left to go she looked behind her and saw that a little girl, that looked exactly like her when she was younger, was running for the memory of her mom. Then, Lindsay stopped running because she realized that the girl could have been her. Her mother was still alive and she was grateful for that. Lindsay then decided that she would organize the first Race for the Cure at her high school. Now she is always running and Lindsay says it makes her stronger. She is planning to have a career in advocating for women who have breast cancer. Lindsay says “You just have to pick yourself up and keep on going,” and we should follow her example