Mean Girls Sociology

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Mean Girls is a film about a group of three girls, who are called “the Plastics,” and the new girl in school who came from Africa. The Plastics are made up of Regina George, Gretchen Weiners, and Karen Smith. There are also Janis and Damian, who refer to themselves as “the coolest people you will ever meet.” Janis and Damian use the new girl, Cady Heron, to get an inside look at what the Plastics really do. There are many different sociological concepts in the film Mean Girls. A few are social groups, socialization, stereotypes, and conformity. The first concept is social groups. Social groups are groups that consist of two or more people. There are many examples within this concept. There are two main social groups in the movie Mean Girls, the Plastics and Janis and Damian. The Plastics are a triad, consisting of three people before Cady comes along, and Janis and Damian are a dyad, consisting of two people before Cady comes along. The Plastics are also called a clique. Other cliques in their school are jocks and geeks. The Plastics and Janis and Damian are both …show more content…
Conformity is shown in many different ways in the film. Cady moves to North Shore from Africa, and she has to conform to the rules (written and unwritten) of public school. First there are the rules of the Plastics. There are rules on how to dress and there are even rules about who you can and can not date. For example, Cady wasn't allowed to talk to Regina’s ex boyfriend, Aaron just because he was her ex. Cady also had to conform to the rules of the school. An example of this is when Cady begins to leave class without asking and the teacher asks where she’s going. Cady tells the teacher she has to go to the bathroom and the teacher tells her she needs a lavatory pass but refuses to give her one. Others are that she couldn't read ahead, or use colored pen, or eat in class. This was all new to Cady and she had to learn to conform to being in a public