Meaning of Life and Life Essay

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\\Morrie Reaction Watching the videos of Morrie at such an old age really made an impact on me and my thoughts about death. Looking at how old he was and how much knowledge he seemed to have about living life and about living it even when he came to the last stages of his life was very inspiring. At the same time; however, I felt myself questioning whether I would like to live as long as he has. I don't know how I would react to knowing I was slowly dying, becoming more dependent on other individuals, and basically waiting for time to stop. Morrie I feel has contributed a meaningful lesson to society, one that all individuals should learn which is learning how to cope with life and death. He became useful to others as he lived "both worlds". This man showed people the meaning of life and what should truly matter to us. Morrie also gives us insight to things that we should cherish and put more significance on in life like relationships, love, and forgiveness. We see him continuously talking about how he wants to make immense with particular people in his past and that even though this disease is slowly taking over him he won't let it break his spirit. He goes on throughout the whole documentary to talk about how great life is and how we should never take it for granted. Watching this documentary I think was very essential in this class because it showed us how to cope with aging and how to help those who are older cope with their aging and maybe unfortunately